Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week 14: Not The End but A New Beginning!

This marks the final week in LIS 568 and overall, I have enjoyed the course. I learned some new techniques such as Web 2.0 tools such as Wikis, podcasts, blogs, googledocs and many others but, most importantly the affect they have on a school, students and SLMS in running successful technology in a school library.

I just finished my iSafe certification and having completed that, I am only going to be more cautious about downloading and using communication tools such as chatting and instant messaging as well as social networking sites. Anybody can be a predator because you don't know the person on the other side which all the more reason not to add anybody unless you personally know the person and it is someone you can trust. All of the activities and stories were interesting enough and I believe that before students use these tools, they must be educated on them and learn the risks and precautions that come with them. I look forward to someday setting up an implementation plan and share what I have learned through my school so they can be safe on the internet.

The last discussion topic is on the Saber Tooth Curriculum and how it will impact the School Library Media Center and Specialists. After reading the entire document, the curriculum to me seems more practical because of its focus on doing rather than thinking. It's one thing to have an idea but, the idea is worthless unless action is taken and the idea is brought to life. That is definitely a practice I will apply to when I become a Library Media Specialist.

Lastly, to Sue, Thank you for your guidance, teachings and criticism. I have learned a lot and as you said there is a lot more and I do agree that we should all continue to educate ourselves. I look forward to hoping to see you in the future and share all of the accomplishments.

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