Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LIS 568 Week 13

This week in LIS 568 is all about sharing what we have learned about computer applications in the School Library Media. I have said before that before starting this course, I was a bit frightened because my knowledge of some of the tools were limited and when I heard that I had to use googledocs for one of my projects, I had heard about it but have not used it.

This week we have to submit the last item in our portfolio, our resume. Luckily for me I have already created one and all I have to do is update it. Sue told us to include our ISafe certification due to the percentage of applicants hired having their certification making it a crucial element of our portfolio. I have watched the stream video on resume building given by the University of Buffalo and I have gotten some really good tips for the future for updating my resume such as emphasizing your education and work experience in relation to the job you are applying for.

We were asked in the discussion board that now have learned all of the necessary tools, have we developed our vision of the computer applications portion of being a SLMS. I mentioned that technology changes everyday and it is IMPORTANT that we stay on top and inform students, teahcers, parents and administration of those changes and implement them. Technology is a unique different learning approach and the simplicity, helpful, engaging and most importantly interesting attracting students to learn.

Before this class, my knowledge on Copyright was limited also and thanks to Carol Simpson my knowledge has piqued. Now I have the right amount of knowledge to increase awareness in my library of copyright especially with material taken from the internet. Not everything on the internet is copyright free and if there are royalties included, the proper steps to grant these royalties or clearance for the material are now known.

I have learned so much out of this class and I am now more comfortable with blogs, wikis, podcasts, googledocs etc. Comfortable enough to apply and implement them in my school library. With even more tools out there, I can't wait to search and explore more tools to add to my tool belt.

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