Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LIS 568 Week 12

I am going to start this blog by saying how accomplished I feel for completing my professional development workshop. I am in love with book trailers and what they bring to the library. When I become a SLMS and have my own library, I would definitely be using and creating them for a new way of booktalks.

This week in LIS 568 is all about Creativity, Copyright and Web 2.0. Throughout this course, my knowledge of Web 2.0 has increased and I am amazed how many tools are out there to add to our tool belt. Since tool belts were last weeks topic, this week is all about copyright and the role it plays to SLMS. The big question was should SLMS be responsible for copyright issues whether or not colleagues, students and administration are liable for infringement. I believe that the SLMS role is all about awareness and bringing forth the consequences and penalties that are associated with infringement. When it comes to the actual infringement penalty and enforcing, it falls on the administrator's (Principal) shoulders.

I am in shock how fast this semester went and happy that I am in a course that really sparked my interest and looked forward to every week. I enjoyed both textbooks and will definitely be using them in the future, especially Carol Simpson's Copyright for Schools: A Practical Guide. I know much more about copyright and I am certain that my interest has peaked. More to follow in next week's post.

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