Monday, March 15, 2010

LIS 568 Week 9

After a relaxing week long break, I am ready to get "back to the ol grind" with LIS 568. This week we will be attending an online conference on Professional Development Workshops and what it takes for a successful, interesting and captivating presentation. We must respond on the discussion board 6 times and this time we won't be in our two groups (G and H). Each board will be broken down by each thread presented in the conference and we have to respond to at least 4 classmates to increase sharing of ideas.

I have never been to an online conference and the topics threads that Sue mention sound interesting and exciting. The two that caught my eye immediately were "Week In The Classroom" and "Leading the Change." In comparing the two one was intriguing and interactive and the other was lecture based comprised of useful information to help with construction of my Professional Development Workshop. My favorite one had to be "Week In The Classroom" and the Keynote speaker Rachel Boyd. Boyd constructed a presentation that provided so many visual aspects making it hard to not pay attention. I was initially shocked to find out that her six-year-old students are learning Web 2.0 tools such as googledocs, blogs and wikis to display their work and EVEN critique work of other students across the globe AT SIX YEARS OLD! It's amazing to see how technology implements skills that everyone can take with them whatever they do.

Overall, I had a good time attending the conference and learn about all the different Web 2.0 tools out there implemented in classrooms. Reading comments from my classmates was fun finding out how they reacted to the presentations and I picked up some suggestive tips in constructing my Professional Development Workshop.

Hopefully, by the next time I write in my blog I'll have more information about the progress of the Professional Development Workshop. After hearing advice from professionals and pointers from my classmates, I feel a lot better going into the presentation and striving for nothing but excellence.

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