Monday, March 29, 2010

LIS 568 Week 11

Well, this week is Crunch Time! It is almost the end of the semester and the projects and reports are starting to pile up. This is the final week to work on the Professional Development Workshop and as of right now I do believe that I am in a good place making this the best presentation I have ever done in my entire college career and with this being a Masters course. I have learned so much about book trailers and was fascinated with them so much that I was actually saving some articles on the side of jobs constructing book trailers. Since I do have a production background and the majority of my experience revolves around videos, it seems like a great fit so after this workshop I am going to look into it more in depth.

This week is all about e-books and how they have their place in the library. Sue mentioned that e-books are not a commodity in most libraries and this week's discussion question Sue wants our opinion on that. Personally, I think e-books are the greatest material ever invented due to the implication of technology mixed with reading and research shows that kids prefer to watch movies than read books hence the creation of movies based on books. Also from a reference perspective when I was in school we were restricted to checking out fiction and non fiction books and reference material could not be checked out. E-books allows students to access the same reference book they need for their project and work on it on the go without even stepping foot inside the library.

To conclude this week's blog, I continue to perservere in making my professional development workshop presentation the best it can be and have it in by Sunday 4/4 and I really hope Sue and my fellow colleagues learn something from it and apply it to their careers.

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