Monday, March 22, 2010

LIS 568 Week 10

This week in LIS 568 was talking about tools to add to our belt and implement them when we go on to great careers as a SLMS. Sue mentioned that there were some that felt that they would not use our social bookmarking site Diigo because all it does is that it lists websites and doesn't provide features to implement the sites and send to others. Sue mentioned in response to that, the reason why Diigo specifically said to add tags to the websites because the tags are what gives suggestions to other websites that relate to that specific topic to add on to the toolbelt and that there is a feature to create folders in Diigo for better organization of sites.

This week Sue introduced us to Google Earth and Primary Access to broaden our tools and see what else is available to share with our students, faculty, parents and administration. I was fascinated how effective google earth was creating the exact location of where you want to go such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Buffalo Science Museum or even the Planetarium without leaving the classroom. Technology has revolutionized everyday tasks and now has created a new spin on taking a field trip right from your classroom.

I have to conclude this blog by saying that the more tools I am introduced to, the more I am going to share with students and colleagues. I did feel a bit ambitious by having the vision of have a "technology library" that would be 100% electronic with no paper materials. After realizing that I would be cutting out a big chunk of multimodal resources out. Hearing about major newspapers possibly eliminating paper copies and making it all electronic tells me that the view is not too ambitious and with the invention of ebooks it makes the dream much more possible and most importantly achievable.

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