Sunday, January 24, 2010

LIS 568 Week 3

This week in LIS 568 is all about accessibility and how its essential for the well functioning of a library media center. Various technology including databases, automation systems and the library's website are useful tools that I believe are needed in the library due to the quick, easy, and less hassle approach to accessing information. With online accessibility constantly growing, some journals and magazine publications are utilizing the online accessibility more than print due to the frequent use and convenience of the online publications.

Also, Sue Allen gave us some questions and tips to ask the Library Media Specialist at the school that we decide for our visitation. The school that I have chosen is West Seneca West Senior High due to the praise other SLMS have given her and I am really looking forward to seeing how she manages the library and the automation systems she uses. One of the questions in particular that Sue told us to ask is "Filtering:

  • do they have filtering
  • who controls it
  • how does it affect the SLMC program?"
I have visited a school (school is going to remain nameless) this past semester for field experience where filtering played a big role in resolving this computer issue. Students were playing around the computer and one thing lead to another leaving the entire row of computers' log in screens shaking vigorously. Administration stepped in immediately and handled the situation discretely. Due to this new experience, I am curious to see how filtering is used in other schools.

This week I am almost done with my newsletter on assistive devices with my fictitious school of New Lockwood Valley High School a suburban school just outside the town of Bel Air Maryland. This newsletter is directed to the parents introducing new assistive technology the library has inputted to further enhance disability needs. With these new devices, there is no excuse why every student should be able to read.

I look forward to what lies ahead this week in the discussion boards (youth and technology), diigo accounts and the completion of my newsletter. More to follow on next week's blog.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 2 of LIS 568 1/18-1/24

This week in LIS 568 we were asked to view a YouTube video on the ALA State of America's Library Report which the president Loriene Roy and the Executive Director, Keith Michael Fleis explained the importance of the creation of the State of America's Library Report and the impact it has on libraries. What intrigued me the most about this video was Mr. Fleis' examination of gaming in the library. Gaming is a new concept that was introduced recently and continues to grow throughout libraries across America. The involvement, interaction and response customers are giving on this concept is fascinating and I look forward to seeing how far gaming will go in the library.

On the note of gaming, I was exploring the website of thinkfinity ( and the games featured on the site. I got the chance to play three of them (A Touch of Class, Create a Word, and the Factor Game). All three games were interactive, educational and most importantly fun. Every game has a grade level displayed (i.e. K-2, 3-5 etc.) and all of the games are available to both teachers and students to display and play anywhere.

Overall, I spent this week as well growing familiar with the new tools introduced last week such as diigo and google reader. I have added new websites as bookmarks that relate to books, copyright, children and young adult readers that could be beneficial to the class. I hope the class views my diigo page to find these useful sites and use them in the future. The sites include; shelfari, digital booktalk, copyright center and many more. Thanks for reading and hope to see you for next weeks blog.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Week 1 of LIS 568

This course is my second online course that I have taken this year. I took the reference course online and did very well earning myself an A. I have a strong background in computers and technology that I am excited and I anticipate highly of what lies ahead. Honestly, I have never heard of diigo until this course. I am aware of delicious but I have never heard of diigo. Now having an account created, I look forward to exploring and learning more about diigo and what it can do to increase my knowledge on library science technology. I look forward to learning new concepts, sharing my thoughts and knowledge and most importantly, try to have fun with it even though it is work.